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6-100x100 Spotting Scopes

NO.:   HY2041

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This manual will help familiarize you with the features, operations and maintenance of the Yukon 100x Variable Power Spotting Scope. The unique design of the scope utilizes a dual light path optical system. This design allows the scope to provide high magnification and image quality in a compact body.  In order to attain the magnification range, the Yukon 100x  is designed to gather light between the scopes' two objective lenses of 100 mm and 25 mm. The 100 mm objective lens has great light gathering capability that allows the use of this scope effectively in twilight conditions as well as in the light of day.  The usage of the two objectives with switch effects to reach significant change of magnification from 6x to 100x. The Yukon 100x Spotting Scope has an offset eyepiece that allows a user to be more comfortable in any position during observation. The device is available in two modifications: straight and angled rotating eyepieces. The straight eyepiece spotting scope is designed for observation in basic conditions, and the user can simply position himself comfortably behind the spotting scope. The angled rotating eyepiece spotting scope is the better choice if a comfortable position needs to be found around the scope.

Your Yukon 100x scope is ideal for a wide variety of professional and recreational uses including:


  • Wildlife observation
  • Bird watching
  • Sporting Events
  • Target Shooting
  • Tourism
  • Hunting





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